Aquaculture industry faces new challenges to be competitive and profitable within a sustainability frame. Generation of outstanding science and innovation, able to promote European Bioeconomy are central objectives of LANUCE.

LANUCE research is mainly focused on the optimization of sustainable practices for aquaculture using smart and precision farming and also improvement of quality, safety and welfare of aquatic animals under a market-oriented approach.

Valorization of industrial by-products and inclusion of novel nutrient sources in aquafeeds are a priority in a context of circular economy. A strong focus is placed on knowledge transfer to the end-users and industry.

Ongoing projects deal with the following aspects:

Sustainable Practices for Aquaculture

- Explore (in vitro and in vivo) novel ingredients and circular economy principles;
- Promote nutrient utilisation and fish growth;
- Conduct feed and food authenticity evaluation;
- Explore epigenetic programming;
- Utilise smart and precision farming.

Quality and Safety of Aquatic Products

- Increase productivity and aquaculture insight;
- Tailoring seafood quality and nutritional value;
- Producing added value and innovative seafood items;
- Identification of biomarkers for flesh quality and safety.

Funtional Nutrition and Animal Welfare

- Screening functional ingredients to promote fish robustness;
- Enhance fish oxidative and immunological status;
- Improve gut health;
- Identification of welfare biomarkers.

Dissemination and News

LANUCE team celebrated CIIMAR's 20th anniversary, participating in the Team Building, Gala Dinner and in the international SOS Conference “Sustainable Ocean Strategies”.


Projecto OMEGAPEIXE em destaque

O projecto OMEGAPEIXE - "Fortificação do peixe de aquacultura em ácidos gordos Omega-3 de cadeia longa" é destaque no site Sapo Lifestyle e no portal de referência de Aquicultura Mis Peces.
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